New Year’s Resolutions: Travel Edition

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Publication date28.01.2020

A new decade is coming and we get it, you want to get in shape, eat better, blah blah blah. That’s all great but let’s face it, these are the resolutions you really need.

So before you blow your Christmas bonus on a gym membership you’ll never use, consider putting it towards something you truly love: travel. 

1. I will “measure twice and cut once” when booking travel

Have you ever booked a bus or plane ticket only to realize approximately 4 seconds later that it was for the wrong day or month? Well I have and my sage advice from that experience is to avoid it. Or at least book somewhere that has an easy date-changing policy.

2. I will actually work on learning a new language

Having been stuck in the purgatory of the B2 level of a language I use daily for years, I know how easy it is to get complacent. But 2020 is a time to do better! Whether it’s language learning apps, podcasts, or skyping with a native speaker, there are way too many ways to practice a language these days.

3. I will get to the airport at least two hours early

Getting to the airport early is about so much more than not missing flights. It’s about a totally different travelling state of mind. A few years ago I was in an epic security line at the airport with the security guards apologizing to everyone. The people around me all seemed quite stressed. Then when one apologized for the delay to me I simply said “it’s okay, this is why you come early.” The look of complete relief on their face and the enthusiastic “thank you!” made it all worth it.

4. I will get myself some decent luggage

Here’s the test: can you walk through an airport with your hand on your luggage and then briefly use your hand to do something else before returning it to find the luggage still there? In other words, will it keep rolling at the same pace and in the same direction for a few seconds? Trust me, when your luggage can do this, you will feel like a travel master. Not sure you can afford it? Start by saving some money while you travel.

5. I will visit at least 6 new countries

As someone who’s visited 6 countries in a week (thanks Balkans!) trust me, this is more doable than you think. But also, it’s great to have fun goals. Try pacing it out, one country every two months assuming you see one at a time. But you can always just plan a single epic summer road trip (which is surprisingly easy by bus if you don’t have a car). If you need some ideas, Lonely Planet has plenty.

6. I will not lose my headphones again

I repeat this to myself like a mantra and you probably should too.

7. I will remember to renew my passport

This is the scourge of all travelers. There’s nothing more horrifying than suddenly realizing that your passport has less than 6 months on it just before a trip. Remember, you can set reminders for yourself far into the future, so start the year by doing that. Check when your passport expires and set a reminder 9 months before then. Bam, just like that you saved yourself a potential nightmare.

8. I will travel somewhere off the beaten path

Seeing a place that’s not visited by too many tourists has plenty of benefits. First, you’re not contributing to the awful problem of overtourism. Next, you’ll have a more unique experience. But another benefit most people don’t consider is the pleasure of returning to places like this years later to see how they’ve changed. This can create far stronger memories and bonds and ultimately give you a more meaningful travel experience.

9. I will learn to cook some dishes I try while traveling

Cooking classes are a fascinating way to engage with a place you’re visiting. You can learn about the cuisine, the ingredients, how and why people eat what they eat. Plus, it’s a chance to interact with some locals. If you’ve never tried it, there’s no better time than this year!

10. I will get some of my travel photos framed

If you’ve never done this, trust me, you should. You’d be surprised how amazing a photo taken on your phone can be with a bit of editing. For an example, below is a photo of my fiance and I hiking The Narrows at Zion National Park in Utah taken with an iphone. I just got it framed and hung it in our apartment and I relive the joy of that trip every time I see it.

Got any resolution ideas of your own?

Let us know! As avid travel buffs, we’re always looking for new ideas and inspiration. If you need inspiration yourself, just see where you can go.

Ready for your next trip?

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