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Publication date28.01.2020

In recent days the Slovenian airline Adria Airways cancelled most of their flights and while we don’t know for sure how the situation will play out, we wanted to inform our customers and followers that Ljubljana stays connected as part of a well-connected public transport network. So, if you’re staying in Ljubljana for a short while or plan to come for a visit, you don’t have to worry if your flight got cancelled.

For short stops to and from nearby cities we recommend you book a ride with us – Nomago offers regular fast and efficient bus transfers between Ljubljana and most major cities in neighboring countries and beyond, such as Zagreb, Vienna, Munich, Villach, Venice, Frankfurt, Bratislava and Budapest, with prices starting at 9 EUR and our buses depart to most destinations at least twice per day. We’ll make sure you will never have to worry, if you’re coming to Ljubljana or travelling home or onwards – we have got you covered.

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Publication date25.09.2019